Gallery Schedule // 2013

December 22, 2012—February 2, 2013
Home for the Holidays
The de la Torre Brothers

January 24—27, 2013
The Metro Show NYC

January 12—February 23, 2013
Subversive Narratives: Exposing the Raw Side

February 14—18, 2013
Art Wynwood

March 7—10, 2013

February 9—March 30, 2013
Post Coital
Rebekah Bogard, Georgine IngoldMuir VidlerScot SothernChristina West, and Becky Flanders and Marta Soul courtesy of Kopeikin Gallery

April 10—14, 2013
Zona Maco Contemporary Art Fair

April 6—May 11, 2013
Solo Exhibition: Sylvia Hommert

May 25—June 29, 2013
Material Inspiration:
Gareth Mason 

June 10—16, 2013
Scope Basel 2013

June 30—July 13, 2013
Gallery Closed for Holiday

July 20—September 14, 2013
The Paintings of Erin Parish 

September 24—October 2, 2013
Collectors’ Trip to Korea with Mindy Solomon

October 10—13, 2013
Texas Contemporary Art Fair

October 31—November 3, 2013
SOFA Chicago

October 16—November 16, 2013
Renaissance Men:
A Solo Exhibition by Generic Art Solutions

December 3—8, 2013
Art Miami

November 21—December 16, 2013
Southern Fried:
John ByrdJeremy ChandlerJeremiah Jenkins

December 19, 2013—January 25, 2014
Kang Hyo LeeMinkyu Lee, Sung-Jae ChoiRee Soo-Jong,
HunChung LeeWookjae MaengSungyee Kim

Detailed Information Save the Date Saturday, May 26

The exhibition “Detailed Information” showcases a group of artists whose work is minutely crafted to exacting detail, rich with narrative content. The works in this show invite multiple viewings in order to capture important visual components that serve to decode the artist’s perspective. Implicit to this group of artist is their mastery of techniques-whether it is old master, or the application of new technologies. Each artist uses their significant knowledge to impart a comprehensive visual story.

Detailed Information opens Saturday, May 26 from 6—8PM and features: John ByrdKate MacDowellMarc BurckhardtWookjae Maeng, Christopher Torrez and Carrie Anne Baade. Save the date and we will see you soon.

Josh DeWeese Interview

Ceramic artist Josh DeWeese unveils a new collection at the Mindy Solomon Gallery, Saturday, November 12 at 6—8PM entitled “Expressions in Form.”

Josh DeWeese works tirelessly, combining contemporary sculptural forms with the art of chance—ongoing experimentation with a variety of different glazes and finishes fired with salt/soda processes—applied upon his ceramic pieces. I (Mark Murphy) caught up with Josh DeWeese before his exhibit to talk more about his work:

mM : When you are creating your works, are you inspired by a specific genre of music, artwork or a place that you have traveled before?

DeWeese : Specific inspirations are difficult to pin down, because they all blend together, but  I have always been inspired by Asian ceramics, particularly Korean Puncheong Ware, Japanese Oribe (examples piectured above) and Shino Ware. As I reported to Mindy, I have never studied formally in Asia, but have traveled in Korea and China several times. While traveling there, I’ve made a number of connections with several Korean artists, (mostly during my time at the Archie Bray Foundation), because we had about 12 different Korean artists there during my tenure as director.

Above, Peter Voulkos, Lidded Vessel, (c. 1952-1954). Wheel thrown stoneware jar with lid decorated with applied sgraffito technique. 22” x 11.” Peter Voulkos, Large Pot, (c. 1958-1959). Stoneware vessel comprised of wheel thrown, paddled, cut and manipulated forms with decoration. 21.5”h x 15.5” x 15.” American artist of Greek decent, Peter Voulkos (1924-2002) is well known for his abstract expressionist styled ceramics sculptures. Entrapped in the process of clay-making, Voulkos developed works not with the traditional craft foundation of ceramics, but rather in an experimental way that lead him to treat the medium as pure sculpture.

DeWeese : I also studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and my teacher, Ken Ferguson, introduced us to a broad range of Asian ceramic traditions. We also had access to the Nelson Atkins Museum and it’s incredible collection. I have been influenced heavily by the work of my parents, Robert and Gennie DeWeese, who were modernist painters strongly influenced by the abstract expressionists of the 1950’s. I am as well, I have always drawn a connection between the immediacy of marks in wet clay to marks in wet paint. The work of Peter Voulkos draws on this, as well, and has always been an inspiration.

Above left, Andy Ryan photo of Nelson-Atkins Museum of ArtAbove middle, Posset Pot, Earthenware with tin glaze and enamel 8 ¾”—Medieval teat treat, cinnamon, egg white, wine, sugar, cream, heat it, boil and sprinkle with suger. Collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Above right, Akio Takamori, Japanese, b 1950. Kanzan from ‘The Laughing Monk’ series, 2006. Stoneware with underglazes. Promised gift the the Lennie and Jerry Berkowitz collection in honor of the 75th anniversary of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

mM : Select one of your favorite pieces featured in the show, and would you mind sharing a thought or two about the work :

DeWeese : I will comment on the jars, and this could apply to any of them. The current interest with my work has had to do with developing my drawing/painting to work on the three dimensional forms. I am endlessly interested in how a drawing unfolds around a form and leads the viewer to the other side. Line quality, glaze viscosity and transparency find endless variations in the atmospheric firing process and I am always eager to see what happens.

The basket forms are a technical challenge in terms of controlling the material, as in getting the clay to stand up and maintain structure in this way. I like to think of them for flowers, but also do not disagree with the comment that the handle eliminates the need for flowers. The forms have a figurative element to them, a sort of lyrical quality. Sometimes the handles feel like bones, or wisps of smoke rising in the air.

mM : How would you describe your style of work? Is there a new genre of sculptural objects that you are participating in, or is it a genre based on tradition from the past?

DeWeese : I don’t generally characterize my style as aligning with a current movement. I believe my work is rooted in the idea of pottery, drawing and an exploration of ceramic phenomena.

mM : What type of materials do you experiment with in your works?

DeWeese : I have become very interested in harvesting local ceramic materials to use in my glaze palate and have co-founded the International Wild Clay Research Project with my colleagues at Montana State University to research and develop local material sources. I find my work to be enriched and energized by the activity involved, and enjoy how the process requires building a community of interested friends to share the workload and results. I’m inspired by the potential and unique quality that can be achieved in a ceramic surface using local materials with a carefully considered processing method.

Thank you Josh DeWeese for taking time out. “Josh DeWeese, Expression in Form” opens at the Mindy Solomon Gallery Saturday, November 12 featuring 20 new works that include sculptural vessels, baskets and wall hangings. Artist reception, November 12 6—8PM featuring a insightful talk by special guest and artist, Josh DeWeese. Contact the gallery for more information or see more examples of his work here. Interview by Mark Murphy, Murphy Design.

SOFA Chicago “Bling It On”

Mindy Solomon Gallery will be exhibiting at this year’s 18th SOFA Chicago November 4—6 located at the historic Navy Pier. Proudly, we will be presenting a compelling sculpture program featuring artisans Gareth Mason and David Hicks (pictured above).

There’s a lot of buzz around this art fair, as Mark Lyman, founding director of SOFA describes, “My original vision for the SOFA fairs was to keep pressing to heighten the visibility of art on the cutting edge of the field.” (Gareth Mason, pictured above).

Maverick British artist Gareth Mason is a master sculptor exploring the marvels of porcelain with an alchemistic flare. His dynamic surfaces communicate a type of wizardry not frequently found in more traditional vessel forms. His arresting, swirling vortex of color and expression speaks to the works of great abstract expressionists. His erosive multiply fired structures evoke more questions than answers, and pottery enthusiasts as well as lovers of all contemporary art forms will be beguiled by the mystery of his fire.

Fine artist David Hicks recent collection of works deem him the “King of Bling.” Hick’s features an unparalleled exploration into the wonderland of luster and metallic glazing. His wall sculptures are composed with dozens of hand built objects carefully arranged to create wall pieces unlike anything ever expressed in ceramic material. Using considerable construction skills, he creates a system of wall mounts and cables that appear to float effortlessly from the wall. Hick’s duality between hard and soft provides the viewer with a highly textual, multi-dimensional experience. (Interview here).

If you would like to learn more about SOFA Chicago, please check in here. For more information about Gareth Mason and David Hicks please contact the gallery. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Ceramic Arts & Perception w/Bonnie Marie Smith

Bonnie Marie Smith will be featured in the next issue of Ceramics Art and Perception. Proudly, Bonnie Marie Smith has created two dynamic installations and one free standing sculptural piece showcased in our latest group show, “Contradictions.” (Review here).

Kingston, New York resident and sculptor, Bonnie Marie Smith is inspired by themes of childhood, nature and mythology. Bonnie writes, “I work intuitively to reveal something of the inner world of each figure.” Bonnie’s pieces are comprised of multiple sculptures made of fired earthenware or porcelain clay with glazes, stains, paints and found objects.

You can see Bonnie Marie Smith in person by stopping in the gallery and take a closer look at “Contradictions” on exhibit through November 5, 2011.

Muir Vidler featured in Art in America

London based, Muir Vidler has been attracting plenty of world attention to his photographic works documenting worlds less traveled. Israeli Death Metal, Libyan Beauty Pageant, Istanbul and Rebles Without a Pause are all mini documentaries that capture life’s essence in the darkest corners and hard to access  people who live out  against preconceived notions. Muir Vidler is currently showcased in, “Contradictions,” now on view through November 12, 2011. Muir Vidler, in compliment to Steve Jobs’ most successful ad campaign for Apple Computer “Think Different” expresses a photographic eye like no other.

Learn more about Muir Vidler here or experience his work up close. Look out for Muir Vidler in the November issue of Art in America and look forward to seeing you soon.

Bonnie Marie Smith featured in Contradictions

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to introduce “Contradictions,” a provocative showcase that features: Richard Bassett, Russell Biles, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Muir Vidler, Gregory Green, Chris Riccardo, Bonnie Marie Smith September 24 through November 5, 2011. (above, Cigarette Girls, 25 pieces total, 48″ shelf, earthenware, glaze, paint, found objects, 2011).

“Contradictions.” takes  a close look at the irony in opposing viewpoints celebrating humor and irony. Group exhibitions promotes a thought provoking platform that introduces emerging artists. Kingston, New York based artist Bonnie Marie Smith will be premiering her multi-pieced ceramics and earthenware sculptures. (above, postcard featuring Muir Vidler designed by Murphy Design + article).

We are pleased to introduce Bonnie, as she writes: “My work is inspired and informed by myth, dreams, and symbols. Most often I explore in my art themes of home, childhood, loss, nature, and the feminine experience. In these small sculptures, I work intuitively to reveal something of the inner world of each figure. Each piece is made of fired earthenware or porcelain clay with applied glazes, stains, paints, and the occasional found object.” (above, Watchdog, 13x11x5,” earthenware, glaze, paint, found objects, 2011).

“Contradictions” begins September 24 and on display through November 5. You are cordially invited to attend our artist reception on Saturday, October 1, 6—8PM and please contact the gallery for additional information about Bonnie Marie Smith and Richard Bassett, Russell Biles, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Muir Vidler, Gregory Green and Chris Riccardo. Join the Facebook guest list here and take advantage of the Oct. 1 opening reception and the Sept. 24 artist talk with Russell Biles. (above, bell hop and cigar girl, earthenware, glaze, paint, found objects, 2011).