artnet SCOPE Feature Booth A11

SCOPE is a network of art fairs favoring narrative works and the galleries presenting this expressive niche. Dense creative surfaces hang on white walls temporarily set up for the weekend while looking to connect with new collectors and the art fairing public entering into the vast marketplace of art collecting.

The Mindy Solomon Gallery works beyond the norms of the marketplace system while presenting the importance of vitality and passion. Visit Booth A11 at SCOPE and you will discover an impassioned display of ground-breaking, high-quality, thought-provoking artists dedicated to a personal manifesto of vision expressed over a lifetime.

The artistic vision of Booth A11 stood out, and artnet featured our SCOPE NY booth A11 in their daily magazine today. Read the artnet article and see our booth here, featuring new works by the de la Torre BrothersGeneric Art SolutionsMarc BurckhardtBonnie Marie Smith, Kurt WeiserSunkoo Yuh and James Kennedy.

Contemporary Artist Kurt Weiser at SCOPE NY

Kurt Weiser’s extraordinary old master inspired paintings of allegory and nature will be featured at SCOPE Art Fair in New York at the Mindy Solomon Gallery Booth No. A11.

Potter and painter, Kurt Weiser combines function with communication, utility with decoration, and traditional painting with contemporary craft.

Kurt’s work is much like a seasoned master who delicately transforms sculpted shapes into allegoric tales that dispel modern mythology. Kurt Weiser’s work is housed in museums nationally and internationally including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art and Institute of Ceramics, Shigaraki, Japan; Helsinki Museum of Applied Arts, Finland; and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Introducing Korean Contemporary Art

Korean Contemporary Art has received notice as an important contemporary art movement, reintroducing itself as a realigned artist community who incorporates centuries of tradition into a diverse offering of ceramics and painting. Proudly, the Mindy Solomon Gallery represents talented South Korean artists—Sungyee Kim, Kang Hyo Lee, SunKoo Yuh (L) and Wookjae Maeng (R)—since the beginning.

Recently, we have expanded our Korean Art Program to include two distinguished ceramic artists from South Korea—In-Chin Lee and Ree Soo-Jong. In-Chin Lee’s work has been described by Yoo-Jae-gil, (Hong lk University Professor of Art Criticism), “The swelling forms of his jars and the rich colors of their surfaces particularly expose this unending depth.” (In-Chin Lee, above).

Ree Soo Jong begins his process by manually kneading soil into dynamic forms that reveal a raw and unprepared surface, thus preserving the natural look and feel of each piece. Both artists have been featured in galleries around the world and are often referred to as leaders in the ceramics art world. (Ree Soo Jong, above).

We look forward to introducing you to the inspirational works of In-Chin Lee (L) and Ree Soo-Jong (R) and happy to introduce you to a complete selection of works by our Korean artists.

The Mindy Solomon Gallery will be presenting “Meditative Journeys” featuring Sungyee Kim (L) and Lee Kang Hyo (R), FEB 25—MAR 31; Art Fairs: SCOPE NY, SOFA NY, artMRKT San Francisco featuring a diverse grouping of national and international artists; and we are consistently exploring traditional and progressive contemporary art forms.

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery. Please contact us for one-on-one consultation and learn more about our contemporary art program.