Happy Thanksgiving Day : SCOPE Miami

Happy Thanksgiving Day, enjoy with family and friends. Thank you for all of your support at this year’s SOFA Chicago. Our last fair of the year takes place at SCOPE Art Show during Miami Art Basel week November 29 through December 4. We will be located at Booth C21. Check here for interviews featuring Einar and Jamex de la Torre, James Kennedy, Kate MacDowell and overview about all of the featured artists exhibiting at this year’s SCOPE Art Show Booth No. C21.

SOFA Chicago Art Fair Booth

Hello from SOFA Chicago. We are exhibiting a dynamic collection of sculptures, vessels and high-quality ceramics pieces by artists David Hicks and Gareth Mason.

David and Gareth are also featured speakers at this year’s SOFA lecture series which begins on Friday and Saturday. Two great artists with great topics and available for your choosing—FRIDAY, David Hicks’, “Two Dimensional Work in Three Dimensional Context” at booth 920 from 12:00—1PM and on SATURDAY Join Gareth Mason’s “Fire:Ceramics, Mystery and Creativity” at 12:30—1:30PM, room 326. You can’t go wrong, as these two important contemporaries will inspire you with their process and quality of work.

Please stop by our booth at SOFA Chicago and say hello, we are excited to share great work and add a special dimension to your art collection. Please contact the gallery for more information or take a closer look at David Hicks and Gareth Mason online.

David Hicks Talk at SOFA Chicago

Mindy Solomon Gallery is presenting an impressive collection of contemporary sculpture created by Gareth Mason and David Hicks at this year’s SOFA Chicago art fair.

On Friday, November 4 at 12:00—1:00PM at booth 920 come and meet sculptor David Hicks for a one hour talk entitled, “Two-Dimensional Work in Three-Dimensional Context.”

David Hicks assembles multiple pieces and varying weights on custom forged hooks that carry the weight of his pieces and unify his work into a singular construction. David’s work is fluid, and though his work presents itself without physical movement, his pieces appear to be moving all the time. David shares, “For me the metallic surface has a way of neutralizing the “ceramic,” making the piece be more about the form and surface color, and less about “glaze type.”

We are looking forward and offering an exceptional grouping of David Hicks’ ceramic sculptures. Please contact the gallery for more information or view additional works here and exclusive interview here. (Above, Still Life, Copper).

Gareth Mason Talk at SOFA Chicago

Mindy Solomon Gallery is presenting an impressive collection of contemporary sculpture created by Gareth Mason and David Hicks at this year’s SOFA Chicago art fair.

On Saturday, November 5 at 12:30—1:30PM in room 326 Gareth Mason will be presenting a dynamic talk and demonstration entitled, “Fire: Ceramics, Mystery and Creativity.” Gareth describes, “Fire is an essentially mysterious force; its allure as magnetic now as it was to the earliest human beings.” (Above, ‘Batholith’ detail).

Gareth Mason’s intimacy with fire affords him an acute perspective on that primordial power. Fire is the most taxing and rewarding of creative partners; replete with creative possibility, fickle, brutal and addictive, it can bless or bury the efforts of anyone who dares to meddle. Illustrated with images of his work and palette, Gareth Mason will discuss fire’s centrality to his practice, its potency to the human imagination, and the majesty of ceramic experience. (Above, Shadow Aghast).

We are looking forward and offering an exceptional grouping of Gareth Mason’s ceramic sculptures. Please contact the gallery for more information or view more of Gareth’s work here and experience the exclusive interview here. (Above, Terrain, Strata Series).

SOFA Chicago “Bling It On”

Mindy Solomon Gallery will be exhibiting at this year’s 18th SOFA Chicago November 4—6 located at the historic Navy Pier. Proudly, we will be presenting a compelling sculpture program featuring artisans Gareth Mason and David Hicks (pictured above).

There’s a lot of buzz around this art fair, as Mark Lyman, founding director of SOFA describes, “My original vision for the SOFA fairs was to keep pressing to heighten the visibility of art on the cutting edge of the field.” (Gareth Mason, pictured above).

Maverick British artist Gareth Mason is a master sculptor exploring the marvels of porcelain with an alchemistic flare. His dynamic surfaces communicate a type of wizardry not frequently found in more traditional vessel forms. His arresting, swirling vortex of color and expression speaks to the works of great abstract expressionists. His erosive multiply fired structures evoke more questions than answers, and pottery enthusiasts as well as lovers of all contemporary art forms will be beguiled by the mystery of his fire.

Fine artist David Hicks recent collection of works deem him the “King of Bling.” Hick’s features an unparalleled exploration into the wonderland of luster and metallic glazing. His wall sculptures are composed with dozens of hand built objects carefully arranged to create wall pieces unlike anything ever expressed in ceramic material. Using considerable construction skills, he creates a system of wall mounts and cables that appear to float effortlessly from the wall. Hick’s duality between hard and soft provides the viewer with a highly textual, multi-dimensional experience. (Interview here).

If you would like to learn more about SOFA Chicago, please check in here. For more information about Gareth Mason and David Hicks please contact the gallery. We look forward to seeing you soon.