Theoretical Notions of the Nonrepresentational // Ringling Exhibition Reviewed in SRQ

Thanks go out to SRQ Magazine for the great review of Ringling College’s Defining Abstraction, on view through August 5th in Sarasota, Florida.  This group show features work by three Mindy Solomon Gallery artists, and the article showcases an image of Bone Shaker by our artist Ali Smith as well as commentary on Smith and our artist Ernesto Garcia Sanchez.

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Ali Smith // Bone Shaker, 2013, 60 x 42 inches, Oil on canvas

Ali Smith // Bone Shaker, 2013, 60 x 42 inches, Oil on canvas

“And as much as the work speaks to each other, it engages with the past as well. Looking at Ali Smith’s painting Bone Shaker, seeing the artist utilize the textural qualities of oil painting to its height, in a frenzied and layered creation of crooked turns and dynamic coloration, [curator] Ormond sees history. “She acknowledges a debt to abstract expressionist painting from the ‘40s and ‘50s,” said Ormond, “but she has a totally different sensibility because of the way she approaches putting marks on a canvas.” Similarly, Ormond pauses in front of Ernesto Garcia Sanchez’ Untitled, a gridded and patterned composition on cut canvas that bridges abstraction and minimalism and makes Ormond think of the artist Frank Stella from the ‘50s. “If an artist is conscious of what came before, they might reference approaches that other artists utilize, but they make it their own,” says Ormond. “Because this doesn’t look like a Frank Stella painting.” -SRQ Magazine


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Don’t miss more new work by Ali Smith, on view September 11th through October 16th in Fever Pitch at Mindy Solomon Gallery’s new location in Little River: 8397 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida.

Muir Vidler // Forever Young PR Around the World

Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Muir Vidler was featured in media coverage across the globe this week:  ABC News, The Guardian front page, Beautiful/Decay, and Feature Shoot.  Journalists took special interest in his series of photographs of “Britain’s aging rebels and mavericks.”

Muir Vidler // Isobel Varley

Muir Vidler // Isobel Varley

“After seeing a man in his 60s wearing a leather harness dancing at a gay club, photographer Muir Vidler realised he wanted to celebrate the people that never let their age define who they are. From the ‘world’s most-tattooed senior woman’ to a Jurassic mod, here are his band of rebels.”
-The Guardian


Muir Vidler // Mick and Peggy Warner

Muir Vidler // Mick and Peggy Warner

Muir Vidler has an unusual portrait project. “I had the idea to shoot portraits of aging rebels and mavericks after meeting Adrian Delgoffe in a club in Brixton called Love Muscle. He was dancing by himself wearing a leather harness and chains and I thought it was great that he was doing that in his 60’s rather than sitting at home, covered in biscuit crumbs, wedged into an armchair in front of the TV. I wanted to take photos that celebrate the people who don’t let age define who they are and how they live their lives.”
-ABC News

Muir Vidler‘s work, along with Scot Sothern‘s, will be on exhibition in The Way We See It from October 23rd through December 11th at Mindy Solomon Gallery’s new location in Little River: 8397 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL.

Take a look at Muir’s new series of animals from the Isle of Muck in Scotland, a departure from his usual photographic subjects.

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Osamu Kobayashi // New York Exhibition

Mindy Solomon Gallery provided work by Osamu Kobayashi to appear on exhibition at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art in Scarsdale, NY, through August 21st.  In I am What I am Not Yet: A Survey of Brooklyn’s Moment, 22 Brooklyn-based artists have each experienced their borough from their own unique vantage points, and relate their own “situated encounters” which, in aggregate, conveys a multi-faceted interpretation of Brooklyn.

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Osamu Kobayashi // Filling // 2014 // 58 x 60 inches // Oil on linen

Osamu Kobayashi // Filling // 2014 // 58 x 60 inches // Oil on linen

Muir Vidler // New Photographs

We are thrilled to introduce these stunning photographs from Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Muir Vidler. These images are a departure; after you’ve perused, check out Muir’s artist page on our website to see how these compare with his “usual suspects.” In his own words: “This summer I briefly, unintentionally became a wildlife photographer.”


Cows, Beach, Isle of Muck // 2014 // Digital C-Type Print, Edition of 6 // 20 x 24 inches

“I was shooting on the Isle of Muck, a small privately owned island in the inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. The population of the island is about 35, so after 3 or 4 days I was running out of people to photograph and found myself photographing horses and cows a lot.”


Horse, Isle of Muck // 2014 // Digital C-Type Print, Edition of 6 // 20 x 24 inches

“More than anything, I like to photograph people but I realised that it can be good to shoot cows too—you don’t have to talk to them and they’re usually more flexible with their schedule.”


Sheep, Isle of Muck // 2014 // Digital C-Type Print, Edition of 6 // 20 x 24 inches

Ringling College of Art & Design // Defining Abstraction with 3 Mindy Solomon Artists

Mindy Solomon Gallery artists Ali Smith, Gary Petersen, and Ernesto Garcia Sanchez are featured in the exhibition Defining Abstraction, curated by Mark Ormond at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. Defining Abstraction is a group exhibition of over 30 contemporary artists who work in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, and printmaking and seek to answer the question, “What is abstraction?” On view in the College’s Selby Gallery space from July 10th through August 5th.


Ali Smith // Bone Shaker // 2013 // 60 x 42 inches // Oil on canvas

“What is abstraction? Perhaps we all think we know what it is, we know we can define it or we know it when we see it. This exhibition is designed to pose as many questions as it answers. It will provide the viewer examples of works of art in which the artists have pondered or wrestled with the idea of abstraction.” -Mark Ormond, Curator


Ernesto Garcia Sanchez // Untitled, from the series Paintings that are Born Dead // 2013 // 78 x 45 inches // Acrylic on cut canvas

Gary Petersen // Together, 2009, 56 x 40 inches, Oil on canvas

Gary Petersen // Together, 2009, 56 x 40 inches, Oil on canvas

Christina West // Intimate Strangers on CFile

Following a recent interview with Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Christina West, Garth Clark published an article featuring West’s Intimate Strangers exhibition this week on CFile. Clark give a special nod to Christina’s painted aqua resin figures (often larger than life), calling the work “deftly-executed and arresting.” We love having Christina’s “strangers” in the gallery, particularly as our last exhibit before we move to our new home in the Little River neighborhood of Miami. Today is the last day to see the show; don’t miss it!

>> See Garth Clark’s review of Intimate Strangers on CFile here <<

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Lauren Mabry // Pew Fellowship

Lauren Mabry was recently named a 2015 Pew Center for Arts and Heritage Fellow and will receive $75,000 in support of her artistic research. Read the official announcement here. Please join us in congratulating Lauren on this tremendous honor!


Lauren Mabry // Cylinder // 11x12x12


Lauren Mabry // Cylinder // 9x16x16


Lauren Mabry // Cylinder // 11x12x12

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