Juana Valdes: An Inherent View of the World // October 23rd — December 11th

On view in the gallery’s Project Space October 23rd through December 11th, Juana Valdes explores the notion of culture, place, and chronology in her installation entitled ‘An Inherent View of the World.’ An Opening Reception with the artist will take place Friday, October 23rd, from 6-9pm at the gallery.

In this exhibition, Valdes creates a lavish, almost baroque accumulation of items which often get relegated to the discard pile when people are in the process of de-accessioning the so-called “dust collectors” of their past, decorative and sometimes utilitarian objects that might have been purchased on a family vacation or inherited from a relative and simply don’t belong in the next phase of life.

“The truth beyond the fetish’s glimmering mirage is the relationship of laborer to product; it is the social account of how that object came to be. In this view every commodity, beneath the mantle of its pricetag, is a hieroglyph ripe for deciphering, a riddle whose solution lies in the story of the worker who made it and the conditions under which it was made,” writes Leah Hager Cohen in Glass, Paper, Beans: Revolutions on the Nature and Value of Ordinary Things.

Read more about this project here.

In the words of writer Julie Chae: “Juana Valdes invites the viewer to ponder the history of global trade through the display of china and other domestic wares collected for her show. A multi-media installation artist trained in Western post-Modern philosophy and with backgrounds in sculpture and printmaking, Valdes presents a Duchampian project in which the artist’s selected objects become the art. Each of the domestic wares presented embodies the cultural values of its time and place, reflecting aesthetic and economic decisions made by the manufacturer and by various consumers throughout its existence. Having exhibited art installations with maps, ships, sails and various other media in the past, Valdes continues with her latest project to explore transculturation, pigmentocracy, history, and memory.”

Discarding material possessions is never easy and each re-acqauintance with something long-forgotten prompts questions and memories. How was this once used, who made it, where did I find it, and will someone else find it again? The boxes are left at the second-hand store and reassembled without a thought of the original intent of the previous owner. It is here that Juana Valdes does her research, scouring the shelves for treasures past their prime, blowing off the dust and re-examining their value.

Valdes invites the viewer to question their own object experience and the movement of material goods as a commodity, encompassing cross-cultural populations and historical transitions.

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Juana Valdes // An Inherent View of the World (Table Piece – detail)
7 feet x 16 feet x 16 inches
Collected decorative objects made of porcelain, bone china, glass,
and wood documented as still life settings

MADA Talk // Todd Levin October 26th at Mindy Solomon Gallery


MADA Talk with Todd Levin
A Bipolar Art Market: Manic Prices, Depressed Values
Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 6 PM
At Mindy Solomon Gallery, 8397 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33138
(Doors open at 5:30pm, Lecture starts promptly at 6pm)
Sponsored by Mitrani Warehouses & MADA (Miami Art Dealers Association)

The Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA) is honored to present the second MADA Talks lecture with Mr. Todd Levin on Monday, October 26th at 6pm, hosted at Mindy Solomon Gallery and sponsored by Mitrani Warehouse and MADA. The lecture is free and open to the public, all MADA members, and Friends of MADA.

// Space is limited! //
Please RSVP via email to: info@miamiartdealers.org

dataThe premise for Mr. Levin’s lecture is based on his belief that  “…If we only discuss Art as an asset class and divorce it entirely from why it was created in the first place, then Art and money exchange roles: money becomes ‘divine’ by being translated into Art, and Art becomes commonplace by being translated into money…” He will delve into the current conditions of the international market where the price and value of works fluctuate heavily and seem disconnected from the body of work itself.

Todd Levin is the Director of Levin Art Group. Regarded as an expert from old master painting through emerging contemporary art and also as an authority on the art market, Levin has more than 25 years experience advising some of the world’s most influential and sophisticated collectors in forming their collections, both individually and in conjunction with major museums. Levin is also widely respected as an independent curator, most recently with Another Look At Detroit (Parts 1 and 2), a large historical exhibition spanning over 150 years and featuring the work of 70 artists shown concurrently at both Marianne Boesky and Marlborough galleries in NYC.

The Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. MADA was established to promote excellent professional practice and to develop awareness of the visual arts in our community. Through advocacy of education, connoisseurship, ethical business, MADA members are responsible, credible and knowledgeable, and are held to a high standard of professional accountability.
Learn more at their website.

Mindy Solomon Gallery // A Favorite at PULSE Miami Beach

Mindy Solomon Gallery has become “a Miami staple in contemporary art,” according to the Miami New Times. Critics and gallery-goers alike are thrilled with our impressive line-up on the docket for PULSE Miami Beach 2015.

This December, we will feature gallery artists Linda Lopez, James Kennedy, and Roberto Gomez at the PULSE fair. Stay tuned for details!


Linda Lopez // Objects made to be rejected // 2014 // 66 x 62 x 18 inches // Ceramic and wood

Untitled. Printmaking ink on latex paint on canvas. 85x48 inches. 2015.

Roberto Gomez // Untitled // 2015 // 85 x 48 inches // Printmaking ink on latex paint on canvas



James Kennedy // NASCI // 2015 // 43 x 36 inches // Acrylic polymer on incised eucalyptus masonite

Ernesto Garcia Sanchez // 12th Havana Biennial

Gallery artist Ernesto Garcia Sanchez was among the artists chosen to present work in the 2015 Havana Biennial—the first since US restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba. The projects included in the Biennial were chosen to have an effect on Havana’s citizens either through the participation in the work or through the presentation of the work as a live social laboratory.  Interdisciplinary works were encouraged, and for the first time the exhibition was not in one place, but stretched the length of Havana’s iconic Malecón, as well as dozens of Havana’s galleries, schools, and museums with contributions from over 200 artists representing 44 countries. The title of the Biennial, “Entre La Idea y La Experienia” (Between Ideas and Experience) brought to life pieces like Sanchez’s, where everyone can access and enjoy art in their daily lives.


Ernesto Garcia Sanchez // “Delirios” (Deliriums)

Fever Pitch // Featured in Miami New Times

Ali Smith‘s Fever Pitch is featured as one of the best (and free!) events this week in the Miami New Times. Be sure to catch Ali Smith’s new, large scale work in the gallery, and Alejandro Contreras‘s This Wasn’t What We Asked For in the project space on view through October 16th. Click here for a preview of these works in our new space a Little River!

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Ali Smith // Counterpoint // 2015 // 72 x 76 inches // oil on canvas

Ali Smith // Fever Pitch in Boston Magazine

Our current show by LA-based artist Ali Smith, Fever Pitch, is a fall pick in Boston Magazine—and her Miami debut!

“Ali Smith’s lively, fractured oil-on-canvas compositions evoke a feeling of celebration.” -Boston Magazine

Read the full article here.  The first exhibition in our space at Little River, Ali’s large scale and intimate gestural paintings are juxtaposed with Alejandro Contreras’s new collection of abstract mixed media works, This Wasn’t What We Asked For, which appear in our new venue’s Project Space.  Don’t miss this bold show, on view through October 16th.


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.29.13 AM

Kate MacDowell and Wookjae Maeng Feature on Artsy

Mindy Solomon artists Kate MacDowell and Wookjae Maeng were featured in this stellar review of Trophies and Prey from Artsy. Editor Karen Kedmey describes the Santa Fe show as a “a hunting-lodge-cum-bestiary, with a decidedly 21st-century twist.”  On  iew at Peters Projects through October 6th. Congratulations to Kate and Wookjae for the beautiful coverage of their pieces.

>> Read the full review here! <<<

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 3.10.51 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 3.10.59 PM