Forms of Fiction: Dominique Labauvie // Critic’s Pick in Art Circuits

Forms of Fiction, Dominique Labauvie‘s first Miami-based solo exhibition, opens at the gallery this Thursday, February 27th. Come see the forged steel sculptures Art Circuits Miami has named a Critic’s Pick: “elegant, interlocking geometries of line and form,” and meet the artist during the Opening Reception from 6-9pm.

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Labauvie ArtCircuits

Forms of Fiction: The Work of Dominique Labauvie // Opening Reception Friday, February 27th 6-9pm

“I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.” -Le Corbusier


Dominique Labauvie // Downtown at Dawn // 2014 // 59 x 37 x 17 in // Forged steel

Mindy Solomon is thrilled to present the first Miami-based solo exhibition of work by French artist Dominique Labauvie February 27-April 3 at the gallery.

Dominique Labuavie’s sculpture is defined by an abstract calligraphy that tells a story within the space it occupies. The fictions are elaborated through form and line. His linear articulations become a three-dimensional narrative.


Dusk // 2014 // 65.5 x 37 x 12 in. // Forged steel

Labauvie states:
“My sculpture not only addresses the line as a record to ‘transport time into space,’ but it also manipulates the material nature of the steel. Steel is actually not natural but a man-made material, with the exception of the iron meteorite that falls from the cosmos onto earth. From the mineral to the industrial product, we can say that steel is a pure product of human inventiveness and work. As Valéry wrote in 1937, ‘What would we be without steel?'”


Gravité // 2015 // 77 x 64 x 23 in // Forged steel

Join us for an Opening Reception with the artist on Friday, February 27th,  from 6-9pm at the Gallery: 172 NW 24th St. in Wynwood.


James Kennedy // Artpulse Review

James Kennedy‘s second solo exhibition with Mindy Solomon Gallery, Morphosis, was written up in the January issue of Artpulse Magazine:

Conceptually, his work is evocative, aiming to express inner transformation through his contorted and faceless figures.  The result is a unique and intriguing imagery that levitates between meticulous precision and free expression.
-Irina Leyva-Perez

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James Kennedy // Morphosis

William Pachner // Opening Reception Thursday, February 5th from 6-9pm

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”
-Henry Ward Beecher

// OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, February 5th from 6-9pm //


Born in Czechoslovakia, William Pachner studied in Vienna before coming to the United States in 1939 on the eve of World War II, where his anti-fascist illustrations appeared in top national magazines. When he learned in 1945 that every member of his family had been slaughtered in Germany, he left his commercial career and turned to Abstract Expressionism as an outlet for his emotions.  Recognized for exceptional color intensity, Pachner’s works often depict erotic and biblical themes. After losing his eyesight and becoming blind later in his career, Pachner also created extensively in black and white.  His drawings and paintings contain a paradox of meanings: the form, movement, and gesture affirm vitality, yet they are tinged with horror and violence. Loss and absence—of sight, family, and homeland, alongside the personal and artistic annihilation Pachner has faced—are represented in various configurations unique to each composition.



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Kirk Mangus Poodles at Metro Curates Fair NYC // Hyperallergic Feature

“At Metro Curates Fair, Ceramic Poodles, Secret Society Chairs, and Everything in Between”

Mindy Solomon Gallery is honored to present the timeless work of the late Kirk Mangus. His ceramic poodles, D’Artagnan (black) and Juneau (white), captured the attention of Brooklyn-based blogazine Hyperallergic this week at the Metro Curates Fair in New York City.

Be sure to stop by the Metro Curates Fair and visit Mindy in Booth #104. More information on day passes and fellow exhibiting gallery artists Marc Lambrechts and Kong Hyo Lee can be found here in our recent newsletter. 

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Kirk Mangus at Metro Curates NYC

“Compared to other New York art fairs, its open-armed acceptance of the full breadth of visual expression is refreshing…Mindy Solomon Gallery of Miami has some hefty, doe-eyed poodles sculpted by the late Kirk Mangus…”

William Pachner Exhibition Featured in ArtFix Daily // Opening Reception February 5th at 6pm

Thank you to ArtFix Daily for this beautiful writeup on the upcoming William Pachner exhibition at at Mindy Solomon Gallery. Selected works from the important years of the 60s, 70s, and 80s in Pachner’s life will be on view January 29th-February 25th.

Please join us at the gallery for the Opening Reception on Thursday, February 5th from 6-9pm.


William Pachner // The Forrest // 1961 // Oil on canvas // 50.5 x 42.75 inches

“His drawings and paintings contain a paradox of meanings: the form, movement, and gesture affirm vitality, yet they are tinged with horror and violence. Loss and absence—of sight, family, and homeland, alongside the personal and artistic annihilation Pachner has faced—are represented in various configurations unique to each composition.”

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Osamu Kobayashi // Hometown News

Osamu Kobayashi made a news splash with the opening of his exhibition ‘Watch Paint’ in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. We are pleased that this gallery artist is receiving such warm recognition.

First is an Arts & Lifestyle feature from Columbia’s weekly publication, Free Times, claiming Kobayashi as “talent beneath our noses.” The article points out that although “Kobayashi has shown heavily in New York and Europe” he has remained relatively unknown in his birthplace until now.


Osamu Kobayashi // Waterfall Congregation // 2011-2013 // 48 x 48 inches // oil on linen

“The art world seems ready for Kobayashi to stay awhile, and he clearly has the mindset to do so …. After walking through the small space, one is left expecting and wanting to see more.” Read the full article here //

Next is an interview with Osamu in Jasper Magazine – The Word on Columbia Art. Check out his responses to his career, growing up in South Carolina, and what to expect from his studio in 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.26.12 AM

J: Where, in your career arc, do you see yourself now?
K: I define my career by how much I hope to grow as an artist. In this respect, I am still at the beginning.

J: What brought you back to Columbia?
K: I see my painting largely as a by-product of my background. Having been born and raised here, Columbia has influenced my work in conscious and, I believe, subconscious ways. It’s a privilege to come back here and share that with everyone.

J: What up next?
K: I’m currently preparing for my group exhibitions at Ventanna244 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and the MIndy Solomon Gallery’s booth at the Art Miami fair in Miami, FL. I’m also looking forward to my second solo exhibition with AplusB Contemporary Art in Italy next year.