Christina West // Intimate Strangers on CFile

Following a recent interview with Mindy Solomon Gallery artist Christina West, Garth Clark published an article featuring West’s Intimate Strangers exhibition this week on CFile. Clark give a special nod to Christina’s painted aqua resin figures (often larger than life), calling the work “deftly-executed and arresting.” We love having Christina’s “strangers” in the gallery, particularly as our last exhibit before we move to our new home in the Little River neighborhood of Miami. Today is the last day to see the show; don’t miss it!

>> See Garth Clark’s review of Intimate Strangers on CFile here <<

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Lauren Mabry // Pew Fellowship

Lauren Mabry was recently named a 2015 Pew Center for Arts and Heritage Fellow and will receive $75,000 in support of her artistic research. Read the official announcement here. Please join us in congratulating Lauren on this tremendous honor!


Lauren Mabry // Cylinder // 11x12x12


Lauren Mabry // Cylinder // 9x16x16


Lauren Mabry // Cylinder // 11x12x12

More Lauren Mabry at Mindy Solomon Gallery //

James Kennedy // Elle Decor Magazine

James Kennedy’s work sits beautifully in a Manhattan apartment designed by Andrew Sills, featured in Elle Decor Magazine.

>>> View the full article here <<<

James will share new work in the Mindy Solomon Gallery booth at Seattle Art Fair July 30-August 2.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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Roberto Gomez // Ocean Drive Feature

Gallery artist Roberto Gomez has been very busy; we love seeing his work around Miami! He has been praised by the media for being “colorful to South Florida,” and shares how his experience on his family’s produce farm helped shape his unique style in this culture feature in Ocean Drive.

Have a look at a few of Gomez’s stunning recent works below.


Roberto Gomez // Untitled // 2014 // 16 x 12 inches // Latex on Canvas

35.Untitled. Printmaking ink on latex paint on canvas.  85x48 inches. 2015.

Roberto Gomez // Untitled // 2015 // 85 x 48 inches // Printmaking ink on latex paint on canvas


Roberto Gomez // Untitled // 2015 // 5.8 x 10 feet // Ink on latex paint on canvas

Wookjae Maeng // Hi Fructose

Gallery artist Wookjae Maeng was recently featured in Hi Fructose for his one-of-a-kind surrealistic animal sculptures. In this article, Maeng states: “In my work I hope to provide an opportunity—however brief—for modern man to consider the realities of the environment in which he exists, even as he continues his daily existence indifferent to it.”

See a few of our favorite new works below, and read the full Hi Fructose article here //

Wookjae Maeng // A Large Family no. 2

Wookjae Maeng // A Large Family no.2 // 2015 // 18.9 x 7.9 x // 10 inches // Porcelain, Slip Casting

Wookjae Maeng // The Imperceptible Dog

Wookjae Maeng // The Imperceptible-Dog // 2015 // 7.5 x 5.6 x 7 inches // Porcelain, Slip Casting

Wookjae Maeng // A Life-support System

Wookjae Maeng // A Life-support System // 2014 // 6.3 x 6.3 x 11.9 inches // Porcelain, Slip Casting

Wookjae Maeng // A Large Family no.1

Wookjae Maeng // A Large Family no.1 // 2014 // 9.4 x 7 x 18 inches // Porcelain, Slip Casting

Christina West’s Intimate Strangers // Top Pick for Journalists

The media is taking notice of Christina West‘s first Miami solo show, Intimate Strangers, at Mindy Solomon Gallery. The exhibition has been chosen as a top pick of major publications including the visual art guides of the Miami Herald and, and international Interview Magazine.

Intimate Strangers is on view through July 3rd; come experience this show for yourself!

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Check out a few of our Instagram shots from Christina’s opening reception.

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