Christopher Winter Featured as Cover Artist for Dan’s Papers


Christopher Winter // Dog Fight // 2012

Christopher Winter  //
Dan’s Papers Cover Artist + New York and European Exhibitions

Berlin-based MSG artist Christopher Winter was recently featured as a cover artist for Dan’s Papers in fall of 2012.  “My fascination for subjects of awakening and lost innocence led me to themes which were inspired by literature like The Lord of the Flies,” says Winter.  The publication included an interview with more insights from Winter; click here to read the article.

Winter will have three works on auction March 7th and 8th with Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses in New York:  ‘The Illusionist,’ Evening Star (Virgin Forest),’ and ‘Untitled (Virgin Forest).’

He is also a participant in the Paris Art Fair March 28-April 1 at Grand Palais, and presents his landscape exhibition ‘Shape the Scape’ in five galleries in Berlin, Cologne, and Zurich in 2013 and 2014.

Learn More //

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